Welcome to Live Crossword. Every day there will be a new crossword which you can complete for free on your phone, tablet or computer. Simply click the first square of the word you wish to fill in and you can simply complete it on your screen.

Click here for today’s crossword

Unlike most crossword websites – which are created by algorithms – this one has been created by a human being to make sure there are no nonsense words, nor anything so obscure you won’t be able to complete the puzzle.
If you do get stuck, every crossword has a reveal button beneath it which you can press to automatically complete one word – to give you a better chance. But don’t cheat!

I’m interested in all types of crosswords, so the puzzles posted here won’t all be in the simple style. Sometimes they will be American style, vocabulary crosswords or even wordsearches.

If you are interested in having a bespoke crossword created for your publication or for your personal use (as wedding favours or birthday gifts) contact mrroberts.brighouse@googlemail.com for a quote.

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