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What Happened Today – 23 November – in History?


Perkin Warbeck, who invaded England with 6,000 men in 1497 and claimed to be Richard, duke of York, the lost son of King Edward IV, was hanged for attempting to escape from the Tower of London. Warbeck was believed to be a Belgian – or Flemish – and raised his army among the enemies of Henry VII after landing in Ireland in 1491. 


A member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), Thomas McMahon, was sentenced to life in prison for planting the bomb that killed Lord Louis Mountbatten and three others on August 27, 1979.  Another IRA bomb exploded later the same day, killing 18 British paratroopers. 


Western outlaw “Billy the Kid” – aka William Bonney – was born on this day in 1859, in a poor neighborhood on New York City. He was reputed to have shot dead 27 people by the time he died.  He was killed, aged 21, when notorious Sheriff Pat Garrett tracked him down to a ranch near Fort Sumner, New Mexico and shot him in the chest, in the dark. 


Dr Who – the world’s longest-running science fiction TV show – was first broadcast. The first episode was called An Earthly Child and portrayed an encounter between two concerned teacher’s and the seemingly eccentric grandfather of their pupil, Susan. The old man turns out to be a time traveller, who takes the teachers to new world in his space and time ship, the TARDIS.

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